Terrazzo White

Finish: Reinforced by steel mesh,

Available in: 610x410x30 and pool capping 1200x300x30 come in 2 types with and without steel mesh

Finish: Reinforced by steel mesh,

Available in:
610x410x30 and pool capping 1200x300x30


  • 610x610x35mm
  • 610x410x30mm
  • 610x410x35mm
  • 410x410x35mm
  • 1210x610x35mm

beautiful and unique texture, high abrasion, shock and flexural resistance and easy cleaning are the main characteristics, which makes it as one of the best choice for using in landscaping projects, pavements, parking.

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is made of mixing marble, granite, quartz, grovels into a cement binder, terrazzo is cost effective, attractive, and one of the toughest products available when it comes to tiling materials.
It is produced of natural ingredients with 85% stone content and without any additives and resins.Because of terrazzo incredible durability, PARTO’s terrazzo can be used outside or indoors as a flooring material, and it is great for high traffic areas such as lobbies, hallways and tiled outdoor areas for just this reason. its water resistance makes it an equally good choice for kitchen and bathroom floors as well. its ability to repel water and stains also make it a popular choice for high traffic area like shopping centers or swimming pools.In addition to some places you wouldn’t normally consider tile an option, terrazzo is an excellent choice.PARTO’s terrazzo are one of the most durable tiling materials on the market. Once sealed properly terrazzo is impervious to water and stain damage. Terrazzo pavers can be used on both interior and exterior applications, if the surface gets worn down over the years, it can be re-finished look like new again.If you’re looking for a cost effective, durable alternative to ceramic or stone tiles, PARTO’s terrazzo tiles and pavers are the answer.

We Supply Quality Terrazzo Pavers

With so many materials available for your exterior floor finishing, selecting the ideal one can be difficult. More homeowners are embracing terrazzo pavers to use outside their homes. Venetian construction workers are responsible for creating this finish when they used marble chips from high-end jobs and mixed them with other materials to create this type of flooring. Today, it’s one of the more popular finishes, and you can source it from Parto Stone.

Facts About Outdoor Terrazzo Pavers

Terrazzo is certainly one of the most attractive finishes you can find for your patio or backyard. The material has a rich history and if you’re unsure about using it for your property, consider these facts:

  • The story about Venetian workers creating this finish is one of a few. Some studies suggest that terrazzo dates back to some ruins in Turkey and ancient Egypt. Regardless of the starting point of this finishing, people used it together with clay and other aggregates to create affordable flooring. Italians took the idea to other parts of the globe, particularly when they emigrated to the United States. Since then, people have used the finish for residential and commercial purposes.
  • Terrazzo paving slabsare highly customisable since it contains cement or epoxy matrix that you can mix with various aggregates. Traditionally, marble is the best material to mix in, but other elements can give the final product a completely different look. These components include glass, porcelain, metal shavings, and pearls, along with several others. The epoxy and cement are responsible for giving the flooring a unique appearance.
  • When you consider terrazzo flooring throughout the world, there’s a reason they’re still in place hundreds of years after its initial installation. This finish is highly durable, and while it may stain or crack over a long time, a proper contractor can restore it to its original state. Furthermore, because outdoor terrazzo paving uses recycled materials, it’s an environmentally-friendly flooring option.

Why You Need Exterior Terrazzo Pavers

If your property has a beautiful outdoor space, you immediately enhance it with the inclusion of terrazzo pavers. You can achieve a rustic or modern look depending on your customisation of the pavers. These are some of the reasons you must consider using this material:

  • Throughout a building’s lifetime, the cost of flooring can add up to 35 times the cost of your initial flooring. While carpet, ceramic, vinyl and wood are less costly to install, they’re more susceptible to damage and prove to be more expensive in the long term. As a result, terrazzo pavers are a cost-effective option.
  • Due to the non-porous nature of terrazzo pavers, it’s easy to maintain, and they resist the development of mould and other microbes. Periodic sweeping and mopping are enough to keep the pavers in excellent condition.
  • When it rains or if your pavers are surrounding your pool, terrazzo ensures that there’s enough grip underfoot to avoid nasty slips and accidents.