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Pool Area​

Pool Area

Ensure safety and style around your pool with our non-slippery natural stone pavers. Choose from matching L-shaped capping’s or 1200×300 pool capping’s for a cohesive look. Shop now!



Discover our range of timeless elegant pavers that include Marable, Terrazzo, Travertine, and Lime Stones for your outdoor spaces. Visit our showroom at Parto Osborne Park to explore our extensive range. 



Make a lasting impression at the entrance with our exquisite collection of natural stones. Discover the endless possibilities at Parto & elevate the beauty of your home today!



Bring timeless beauty to your home with travertine or marble claddings from Parto. Upgrade your space with sophistication today.

Bench Tops​

Bench Tops

Add the finishing touch to your home with granite and marble benchtops from Parto Stone. Shop now for stunning options.